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Personality: I may initially come across as polite, well behaved, innocent to a fault even, but don't let my pleasant demeanor or good girl charm fool you. Born with a curiosity and passion for everything in life that takes your breath away, I couldn't imagine a better life. For a peek into my adventures, please follow me on Twitter @ BriLV.

Background: My interest in modeling and entertaining first developed in college, but was put on hold in favor of a more traditional future. While I found success in my chosen profession, I did not find the future I was hoping for.  So, I quit my job and decided to have some real-life experiences while I contemplated my next move. At first I was hesitant to indulge this side of my personality and set aside the 9-5. Acceptance came after meeting some amazing ladies in the profession and I was able to welcome the part of me that stayed hidden for so long. Now I wonder how I ever did without. 

Physical: At 5'5" with an athletic, hourglass figure, and big brown eyes, I delight in engaging each client on an interpersonal level. I take pride in making people feel happy and alive. I have been told I am an amazing conversationalist and an excellent listener. I enjoy a healthy lifestyle and love working out to maintain my size 6 figure, but who doesn't love a good indulgence?!

Interests: Dining out, plays, concerts, and traveling are a small list of my hobbies so let's mix it up together. My real talent lies in creating an atmosphere where every life I touch is enriched with tender moments and extraordinary pleasure so don't wait for another second to experience life as it should be. Welcome to my world.