Let's stay connected

During this turbulent time, let's not lose sight of the finer things in life that make it all worth living. Indulge in my virtual experiences without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Text Packages

  • ​Social Text Package- daily text exchange (up to 20 mins) and one exclusive selfie (w/ face) per day all for $200/week

  • Sexy Text Package-daily text exchange (up to 20 mins) and one exclusive selfie (w/face) per day for $300/week

Social Skype Sessions

  • Going stir crazy, but want to keep it PG? Let's catch up over a cup of coffee in our pj's! Social distancing doesn't mean social isolation. We can talk about how we're doing, hobbies, music we like and funny movies! 

  • $100/20 minutes 

Private Skype Sessions 

  • Time to get sexy together! The next best thing to the real deal, my private Skype sessions will take you away from life's craziness and make you look forward to our next in person engagement. 

  • $250/20 minutes

  • Screening required 

Phone Sessions

  • Selfie and up to 20 mins of sexy chit chat for $100

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